Spa area

Balm for the soul

Treat yourself to a relaxing break and strengthen your body and soul with comforting warmth. On advance booking and for an additional fee, we enable you to enjoy a soothing time-out for your body.

The sauna area is a nude area and is reserved for guests aged 16 and over.

Open until 19:00

Finnish sauna + infrared cabin: € 9,00 per person
Infrared cabin: € 4,00 per person

Solarium: € 4,00 (10 minutes)

Finnish sauna

Classic, dry hot-air bath (approx. 90 degrees) in the all-wood Finnish-style sauna cabin., the different seat and lounger variations allow sauna bathing in different temperature zones, the humidity is increased with an infusion and essential oils enhance the beneficial effect. The following cooling down stimulates the blood flow and circulation and strengthens the immune system.

Infrared sauna

Healthy deep heat at temperatures around 30 degrees without stressing the heart and circulation system. Infrared heat is the best heat for your health and well-being. The metabolism is stimulated and blood circulation is improved. Light sweating supports the detoxification and purification of the body. Temperature and light colors can be controlled individually.


Sunbathing in our solarium not only provides relaxation, it also gives you a summery tan and prevents skin problems.

Usage is only permitted from the age of 18!

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